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Export cars & Oldtimers

We are experts in exporting cars.

Thanks to 18 years of experience, we have become a reliable partner in buying up and selling cars.

So if you are planning to sell your car, be sure to contact us. Guaranteed that you will get a nice price for your car.

Are you considering selling your car?

Then you should know that our car export can offer you significant benefits?
By exporting your car, you open the door to a global market, increasing your chances of a quick sale and a better price.

Exporting cars stimulates economic growth in the auto industry, resulting in increasing demand for used cars. This means you can benefit from a larger number of potential buyers and competition between buyers, which is beneficial to your negotiating position.

In addition, the export market can offer a higher value for your car, especially if it is a popular model abroad. So if you are considering selling your car, our car export is definitely something to consider for a faster sale and a better price.

Why entrust the export of your car to us?

Every week we are contacted by foreign firms wishing to buy up cars. We have always tried to trade fairly within this market. Both sellers and buyers are offered fair prices.

It is precisely this attitude, which we apply since the start of our business, that makes it easy for us to resell our cars.